Join Us for the Launch of Honey Bubbles in Nevada!

Honey Bubbles Launch at Milo's in Boulder City, NV

Milo's Cellar is enormously pleased to celebrate the Nevada launch of Honey Bubbles with co-founders and longtime friends Christiana Gifford (a Boulder City native) and Scott Roughgarden! Please join us on Saturday, July 14th from 2-4pm in our wine cellar to sample this Italian semi-sweet sparkling Muscat and Nibbles from Milo's delicious Chianti platters.

Honey Bubbles has an intriguing balance of sweetness and acidity providing structure and making it the perfect aperitif for light appetizer courses such as salads and soft cheeses; structured enough to pair with spicy cuisine, and also a great companion to light and fruit driven desserts.

The decline in the Honey Bee population poses a serious threat to numerous parts of our ecosystem and combating this requires funds for research, education and support for new bee colonies, so Honey Bubbles is proud to donate a portion of its proceeds to combating Colony Collapse Disorder of the Honey Bee.

We hope you'll join us this Saturday for your first taste of Honey Bubbles in Nevada!

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